Card Practice is an architectural & urban design practice from Melbourne, Australia.



Registered Architects in Victoria (ARBV 600280)
Nominated Architect in New South Wales, James Connor (NSWARB 12246)

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture.

ⓒ 2023
Mountain View Road - Off Grid House

An off-grid house located in regional New South Wales, near the towns of Rylestone and Mudgee. The clients intend to live off the land and produce a lot of their own food (and beer), so a protected place to grow produce became a critical aspect to the design. A central “productive zone” was established at the heart of the house, allowing a stronger connection between the production of food and everyday life, while physically demarcating two pavilions: one for ‘living’ and one for ‘sleeping’. A ‘service spine’ runs along the south, housing the wet areas, pantry, house infrastructure and specialist fermentation room.

Type: Residential 
Location: Wiradjuri Country - Clandulla, New South Wales
Status: Pricing

Coburg House

A renovation and extension to a dilapidated cottage within a heritage residential setting in Coburg. The extension looks to maximise northern light on an east-west block, creating a central courtyard and garden space. The design is conceived as a set of interlocking twin pavilions, each offering distinct views to sky and garden throughout the day and year. A habitable fence provides opportunities for extending the backyard into the neighbour’s garden: currently owned by friends of the client.

Type: Residential Renovation + Addition
Location:  Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung Country - Coburg, Victoria
Status: Under Construction

Methven Park House

A simple one room addition to an existing Victorian terrace on a corner block, designed to maximise light throughout the day and blend in with its surroundings and streetscape context through materiality and scale. High level windows bring light in throughout the day, whilst maintaining privacy from the street, and deep overhangs keep out the harsh summer sun. The elevation provides opportunities to filter the streetscape, through a window with operable screen that allows the owners to control levels of privacy.

Type: Residential Renovation + Addition
Location:  Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung Country - Coburg, Victoria
Status: Current

DC’s House

An extension and renovation to a post-war suburban house in Brisbane for a close family member. The house has been reconfigured to the rear, with a new kitchen and outdoor room that takes advantage of Brisbane’s favourable climatic conditions all year around. A new service ‘core’ provides both an ensuite and separate bathroom with tight spatial constraints.

Type: Residential Renovation + Addition
Location: Jagera and Turbal Country - Kenmore, Queensland
Status: Under Construction

Berry Street House

Along with the renovation of the existing house, this modest project looks at inserting a new piece of infrastructure into the garden of the heritage property, providing the occupants with a new bathroom, laundry and multi-purpose garage/artist studio. The ‘Garden Pavilion’ has been designed and oriented to maximise solar energy capture, water collection and maintain the productive garden space to the north. Approaching the renovation as a series of stages, rather than a finished product, allows the occupants to adapt the house over time to suit their changing requirements.

Type: Residential Renovation + Addition
Location: Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung Country - Clifton Hill, Victoria
Status: Current

Northcote Park House

A small, cost effective addition to a weatherboard cottage in Northcote. Given the constrained site, a key concept was to make the adjacent park feel as if it were an extension of the property, opening up the house whilst maintaining privacy and security for the occupants. 
Another key move was to separate the old house from the new with a north facing courtyard. 
Passive design principles have been implemented and the existing house is to be thermally upgraded. Deep overhanging eaves reduce the solar heat gain in summer.
Type: Residential Renovation + Addition
Location: Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung Country - Northcote, Victoria
Status: Current